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Forever More

written by: Gary EDward Allen


I will love you now and for all of eternity
Words cannot express what you mean to me
You can call me in the darkness of the night
And in the blackness I will bring you light
Want you to know how much I love and care
Just turn around and I'll always be right there
Even when you are lost upon a thorny path
I will be the loving hand that guides you back
And we will set sail upon the ever tortoise sea
Knowing that forever our love will always be
Search for buried treasure on the sandy beach
And even the stars above will be within reach
I will be your humble shelter in the pouring rain
Just like magic I want to take away all your pain
Together we are on a journey of heart and soul
And I will be holding you when you grow old
And when the mountains crumble into the sea
I will be loving you and we'll be endlessly free
As the ocean waves crash upon the golden shore
I will continue to love you now and forever more

Gary EDward Allen

Gary EDward Allen

Hello how are you? I am a gay Metis writer with a disability. I write poetry and Verse and short stories. I have three books published. I am inspired to write by nature, love, relationships and friendship. I reside on Vancouver Island.
Gary EDward Allen

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