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Picture Of You

Picture of You

written by: Jessikalynn1980



In my heart is a picture of you
On the wall hangs one in a frame.
Now that you have left
Nothing seems the same.

I look for you outside
I see you in the shadows.
My heart will not accept
What my mind already knows.

I wake up at night
To reach for your hand
But you slipped through my fingers
Like a grain of sand!

I have lost so much.
You were the love of my life
Now I stand here alone
An empty shell of your wife!

I will keep a picture of you
Forever in my heart
But not having you here
Has torn my world apart!


Dedicated to My Grandmother. I am sorry grandfather had to leave so soon and know that you feel so alone now without him. I understand that the love of your children and grandchildren are not the same as the love that you and him shared but always remember that we love you. Somehow we will all make it through the pain and grief that we are feeling now only to realize that we will see him again and that this goodbye is not forever.
I love you grandma.

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