Points North, poetry written by Ingrid at Spillwords.com
Tim Graf

Points North

Points North

written by: Ingrid Wilson



Wheels in motion and the wind
Whips around behind my ears
At the nape of my neck
In a subtle caress
And I know I’m being propelled

Along a river of life
Whose course and motion
I do not pretend to understand
Sometimes I like it when the waters
Speed me down towards a sea
Sunless and sighing

Till the cloud breaks
And I see
The sky is crying
And at sundown
Out come all the thousand stars
And I can name the constellations

In this hemisphere
At any time of year
There is always the plough
Above, or the big dipper
And at its tip, Polaris
The Pole Star
Points North

And so I have my fixed
Celestial compass
Though I do not
Always understand the path
Or the trajectory
I know well my own
Portion of the sky,
The earth below, above only the heavens and
Points North.

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