Protest, one act play written by Gary Beck at
Alice Donovan Rouse



written by: Gary Beck


Two young, middle-class, white women are on their way to a demonstration against impurities in lipstick.

Liz:           “I can hear a commotion around the corner. That must be it.”

Sandy:    “It’s very noisy. I wonder why they’re so excited.”

Liz:           “Well it’s about time that someone got angry at the junk they put in our make-up.”
(They reach the corner and see a demonstration about immigration.)

Sandy:    “Look, Liz. it’s about immigrants, not lipstick.”

Liz:           “Immigrants are important. We need people to do our nails and stuff. As long as they don’t move in next door to me.”

Sandy:    “You don’t have to worry about that. They couldn’t afford the rent in your building.”

Liz:           “That’s not the point. I wouldn’t mind a French or Swedish person next door. Just not those Mexicans who talk so fast you can’t understand them.”

Sandy:    “That’s how you might sound to them.”

Liz:           “Don’t be silly. I speak English.”

Sandy:    “I see there’s no point in discussing it with you. Do you want to join this demonstration?”

Liz:           “Of course not! I’m no immigrant. Let’s go someplace nice for lunch.”

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