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Quantumness Of Being

written by: Trudi Johnson


The quantumness of being,
Observed without seeing,
Measured closely & it disappears,
With itself, it interferes,
This leaves us at an impasse,
Backwards in time, propagating last
Superposition, a collection of states
Post selection, alters what predates
Look for an outcome & it will happen,
See to your own satisfaction.
Quantum mechanics and duality,
Saturates our reality,
Photons dancing in the waves,
Observer changing how it behaves,
Light of knowledge bestowed,
Time is fluid, ebbs and flows,
Still looking for answers sought,
Within these resolutions,
We are all caught.

Trudi Johnson

Trudi Johnson

I live in northern British Columbia of Canada, where I teach Biology at a small college. I enjoy exploring science through poetry. Poems with hidden twists are favourites of mine. If I don’t have a book in hand, I have a pen instead.
Trudi Johnson

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