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A Misunderstood Guide

written by: Trudi Johnson


“Take my hand” he said soft.
“I go alone!” at him scoffed.
“But the journey does not change.
I act as shepherd across this range.
In the valley, I walk beside.
Through the darkness, I will guide.”
I saw there was no malice meant.
Meekly, I murmured consent.
“Join me so I was not alone.
For my cruelty I must atone;
forgive me my misgivings.
You have been maligned by the living.
Now I see your kind role;
accompany me & soothe my soul.”

Trudi Johnson

Trudi Johnson

I live in northern British Columbia of Canada, where I teach Biology at a small college. I enjoy exploring science through poetry. Poems with hidden twists are favourites of mine. If I don’t have a book in hand, I have a pen instead.
Trudi Johnson

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