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written by: Nylese Levin


I remember when I was the Queen
And people bowed down to please me
A life where I didn’t have to break a sweat
Because I was undoubtedly known as the best
Where people would cry if they thought I wasn’t at my best
Nevertheless I was still the Queen
I made everyone feel as a human being
Didn’t exclude anyone out the human race
Because life was a test
And I never failed
A Queen's duty should be to be a leader not a boss
Help everyone when they suffer from loss
Show everyone where to go when they feel like their soul is gone
Help everyone right their wrongs
All sins are forgiven
Even at your darkest moment your Queen will have faith in you
And at your greatest moments your Queen will congratulate you
The Queen is the leader
She’s just a person that people look up to because they know she’s always thinking of the best

Nylese Levin

Nylese Levin

My name is Nylese Levin and I’m 17 years old. I am a senior and I live in the Bronx, New York. I’m hoping to create a book of poetry before I graduate.
Nylese Levin

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