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Konstantin Planinski


written by: Francisco Bravo Cabrera


When the rain came,
We would run outside
and let those crystal-looking drops of moisture
cool our skin,
then we would walk without umbrellas
to the park by the river…

We would look up at the sky
with mouths wide open,
tasting every drop that came our way,
every Sunday by the river,
every time that it would rain…

If you look out to the street below
any morning when it rains,
you will see my shadow dancing,
enjoying every single drop,
then take a second look and you will see my dancing feet
reflecting sunshine, splashing mud.
Oh, you will know you’re not alone,
smile, it’s still the same
I’m enjoying what I used to when it rains…

Now when you walk to the river,
any hour, any day,
you will feel my little finger
curl itself around your own,
you will feel my breath and
smell my old cologne
and you will know
I’d never leave you alone…

When the rain comes,
when spring is back,
when little drops of cool, clear water
find your face,
let them run down your skin
and you will feel
my tender kiss,
my strong embrace,
with you,



Life is made up of memories, they define who we love, who we’ve loved and they fill our empty hours, sometimes smiling…

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