You and You and You, poetry by Msdedeng at
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You and You and You

You and You and You

written by: Msdedeng


You and you and you
4d ago

And from this Earth
You will sprout
You will grow
And you will love.

Nothing is ever yours to claim
But to tend
To enjoy
To share.

To you,
The Sun, the Moon, the Stars.
To you,
The Rain.

Winter, Summer, Spring,
And Fall
All yours!

Flowers and birds,
Mountains and seas,
For you and you and you.

Today is yours
Tomorrow is not promised.
May you find love
May you give love back.

If you stumble and fall
Get right back up!
You are meant to
To grow.

Life will bring you on your knees
When it does, take note
But rise!
Learn from it
Look forward
Because yesterday is gone.

Time is timeless. You are not!
To Earth you will return the same way you came, –
With Nothing!
This is you and you and you
All in equal measure.

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