Ravaged, poetry by Jay Mora-Shihadeh at Spillwords.com



written by: Jay Mora-Shihadeh



That greedy glint
in the eye of the fooled
the eye of the lost
my heart left in the home of the tricked
what does it take for them to wake up?
to stop selling their fortunes
for the land of milk and honey
the land where the streets are paved in gold
the lies told to lure them
what will it take before the tales of fools
are replaced with the folklore of the ancient?
the contentment of the indigenous?
what will it take for the
mad hatter to end his greedy voyages
into the hearts of the innocent?
I am ravaged like the forests of the amazon!
ravaged like the tombs of Egypt!
and where do the tombs rest now?
in the land of the greedy, the violent
in the land of the weeping
I am the ravaged exile!
the ravaged land of the tricked
and the ravaged heart
of the fool!

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