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written by: Antony King


I feel as though I’m floating

Drifting in a dream

Searching deep within myself

For a life that needs redeemed.

The roads that I have traveled

Have taken many years

Leading me upon the path

Of bitterness, and tears.

I long for reclamation

With decisions made in haste…

For the beauty lies within our youth

Where reason had been misplaced.

Antony King

Antony King

Antony King is a writer/ poet from Eastern Kentucky. Antony spent his formal years in Cleveland Ohio where he underwent private instruction in The Arts, Music, and Literature. His love of the classics guided him to poetry and fueled his passion for writing. After art school, Antony spent 23 years in the world of advertising, and design. He began honing his skills both as a writer, and an artist. He has been fortunate to have his works published in several journals, and contributes to his local, as well as online poetry groups.
Antony King

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