Reflections Of... written by Anne G at

Reflections Of…

Reflections Of…

written by: Anne G



In journeys past, I ruled the earth, created worlds inspired wealth –

Reflections of my vanity.

Upon this new path what I seek, are truth and knowledge of the way.

Wiser than millennia lost, my true endeavor is to live.

Each word pronounced and thought revealed, every tiny fine detail.

In every rock and every leaf, in mountains, glens, and mighty trees –

await the answers I must learn.

Every fiber of my being hums with hidden secrets to be gleaned.

This time around I will discern, the wisdom that surrounds us all.

I shall not leave a hollow shell, wasted, spent and turned to dust.

Compelled am I, and time will tell I earned my life in ways unseen –

Reflections of eternity.

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