Remain To Admire, a poem by Rando Mithlo at
Historic American Buildings Survey Richard Nickel (Schiller Building, Chicago)

Remain To Admire

Remain To Admire

written by: Rando Mithlo


for Richard Nickel


Rush to beat the sundown
Stave off the indifference
To not completely forget
Burned in an image
Whatever sparks these thoughts
They remain to admire

Spirit of the heyday
Fitting into your lens
The forgotten versions seen
Through our endless change
Exist in modern-day
Reverse renewal again

Just place yourself there
The ornamental detail
A pleasantry of business
Sophisticated of then
Only to disappear
Another jewel box to dust

In pushing the limits
Their collective patience
For those who may wish
Would assume all the risk
As it falls to the very room
Finding you with your arms full

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