Remote, a poem written by Brindha Venkataramani at
Piotr Cichosz



written by: Brindha Venkataramani


A device in my hand
Every button I press, the channel flips

Dramas playing the emotions
I see what I want to see

I continue watching,
being part of the game:
some adventurous,
Some thrilling,
some making me cry,
some mystery filled,
some even mystical.

I tune in and tune out of the reel life
In sync with my moods

Now in my real life, I have a universal remote
well designed to be operated by many

I never realised I gave every control
to that many

Now I know not who controls what aspect of me
I am all perplexed in misery!

Then comes a Guru who tells me a secret
that no one knows

The universal remote receives infra red
I just need to learn to tune out

I shall not let the secret spill
The many around me still
Try ever so hard to control me

But they can only see
One picture of me
That’s truly a Happy me

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