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Rio, The River

Rio, The River

written by: Tamsen Grace


You screamed for the first nine months of your life,


I traversed miles with you,
back and forth
across your bedroom floor

I thought you missed the womb,
I believe now that you cried for the world you found yourself thrust into

fighting virago

fierce little warrior, you
wailed for the world,
raised your tiny voice for those who couldn’t speak for themselves

you spoke words, too big for your mouth,
stretched from the limits of a limitless imagination

you played quietly,
forgoing the shiny, glittery toys
for the world you created out of a box of beads

you collected words,
like other children collected toys,
stringing them like beads
to wear as a necklace,
recording the world,
and writing a wall that kept
pain out…

or maybe in

you recorded injustice in your world,
and fought for love, as if it were a prize

you swallowed unfairness,
incorporated it into your dna,
then tried to change it

child savior

gave your toys to homeless kids, donated your bed,
and slept for years on the floor

I’m not surprised to see how far you’ve traveled,
fighting wars with your words
and hearing God whisper in rainforests

warrior woman

I fear someday you will save
the world,

and sacrifice yourself
in the process

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