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The Body Count Is Rising

The Body Count Is Rising

written by: Tamsen Grace


Public service announcement…
we are living in a dystopian world,
didn’t you see the signs?

Chaos created,
mothers weep,
casualties of a war
fought within your self…
the body count is rising

Plague of propaganda
pollutes minds,
war of words,
choose sides

brother vs brother
segregation, alienation,
evidence of division…
the body count is rising

Routine rhetoric,
teach children the norm,
no deviation
to social orders,
no living outside the box,
fit in or perform…

or be bullied to conform

Don’t you see the signs…
the body count is rising

Tamsen Grace

Tamsen Grace

Tamsen Grace is a published poet, a Ford Model of Courage and a cancer survivor. She has been published in many anthologies, magazines and online poetry sites. She has two poetry books, Skeletons in My Closet and Dismantling Cinderella, both published by Creative Talents Unleashed. Tamsen Grace lives in the Midwest with her children. She enjoys creating art, reading, writing, biking and teaching children Martial Arts.
Tamsen Grace

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