Roses Are Red, a poem written by Lisa Keeble at

Roses Are Red

Roses Are Red

written by: Lisa Keeble



Just when you think it’s safe to go out

There is a knock at your heart, tap, tap

Trepidation calls, bearing flowers

Roses, red like the blood flowing still

Through your veins to a stone cold heart

Violets, deep blue as your eyes that weep

To remember the days without fear

Orchid, black reflecting your humour

‘Love me, love me not?’, petals shredded

Destroying the thing of beauty that

Once was your life. Stamens, yellow stain

Rough hands. Colours bleeding into one

Dull grey where once: yellow, red, blue

Delicate stems, plain perfect blossom

Dismay brought you a bouquet. But why?

To remind you that he’s there. Tap tap

Just when you think it’s safe to go out.

Lisa Keeble

Lisa Keeble

Lisa Keeble is a 20 something who resides in the body of a middle aged woman. She lives in the South of France and tries to enjoy life every day as it's really too short to do anything else. Writing, for her, is an escape into another world when the real one becomes too much to handle.
Lisa Keeble

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