The Fire Flower, poetry written by Raphfael Wormge at

The Fire Flower

The Fire Flower

written by: Raphfael Wormge


As I sit here
Watching this nice
Hot flower,
My mind begins
To wander.

Watching the flames
Dance ever so,
They dance here
They dance there
Swirling, and twirling
Like a
Beautiful dancer.

Logs are moved
And the fire
Changes tune,
Switching rhythms
To dance higher
And steeper
Than ever known.

Letting me know
Of this pretty show
Blue to orange
Over to white,
The fire blazes on
Forever Bright.

As the fire dies
And I return to mind,
I miss the show
That dances on
Ever so.

I use the show
To propel me on
And through the day,
Waiting for evening
To return this
Very night.

Grabbing logs
From here and there
I build the fire
Yet again
To watch this
Wondrous show
Of flames
Dancing on.

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