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Schrodinger’s Cat Is Both Arab And Black

Schrodinger’s Cat Is Both Arab And Black

written by: Henry Avignon


now         oppressed the but-
see the ghosting
event cause
stupering                    affect

ah           quantum depravity
of            spiritual weight
the felt
or gravity
as time bends
over & un
heals & un
even(s) the preview
and fuller fathoms

(consider the “effect” before the cause
as not-laws and not-morality but
“but” instead
failing to appear obvious-
ly oppressing the but-

typical factoid of apartheid
is “but” don’t act on /  whatever forms
below are mis-identifiable
because already at the surface
of being / was subterfuge(d)

and to fit a Shu’afat peg
into a pothole of Monroe
and W Lanvale
is not what power woos
the poor to do
but “but” instead

america in jerusalem
now is simultaneity
odessa pogrom
is camp dachau
is attica blocks
is the uprising at soweto

jerusalem in america
now im perpetuity
is rikers island
is mass incarceration
is the shareholder of
cometh the panopticon
of haunt in-thought

arabs and blacks
now both pre-caught

our brothers
our sisters in
as neighbor in hoods
as detroit but jerusalem
as a fear of the mind
is worth two
in the ground

but “white” being not the butt
of the oppressed
“but” it’s (or) bit being the press
on common & denominators

in here
in there
is home

“decent” before descent except after dissent
schrödinger’s cat was always both
arab and black
and backdropped
as both
terrorist and not

as the less observed
the bloodier
whereas the clutch
of but “but”
is fundamental
is doubt

“but” open the arab’s heart
and a black man leaps out

like a drought of thought
or expertise dried up
as the un-
qualified presides
reductio ad
absurdum in principle

explosion turned

is gentrification

cometh a fresh spurt
of tragic ejaculation

into the barren depths
of hell as urban order
of genetic consequence

of victims
tethered to umbilical violence
feeding a line of lies

of murder is the name of rights
to land in the name of fear
for one’s life

all of the grandstanded theories
without proof of culpability
or check of fact in the work
of birthrights to misery

schrödinger’s black is the arab
of shu’fat

that cat both dead and alive
guilty or innocent
chained and unbound
incapable or oppressed
victim and violator
black or brown
indecent and undressed
symptom or source
alien and citizen
baltimore or ramallah

Schrödinger’s cat is both gaza
and oxanna
as devils
and details do entangle

when separated particulars
align in spite of distance

when 100 mourners
at the wake
swell to 1948 rock throwers in the street
of the woke

when arab men in black hoods
demonstrate 1964 black lives
in the combustible hoods
of the broke

populations oppressed
and sprung

black scenes and black sea
protests the same
in sync
of sudden ghosting
of meta typos

the american machine
of but “but”

en masse standing up
in mass stamped out
in eulogy everywhere

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