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Searching and Found

written by: G.R. Weslo


When I was young I would walk through the fields
Never sure of what life would yield
Her hair would fall in ringlets
Her amber curls of innocence danced around her face
And we felt
We felt what others wanted
What others dreamed of
But we never felt different
I was still a young man when she died
And since then the field had remained bare
But I continued to search within the thistles and the brush
I searched for certainty in life
I searched for beauty in the world
I searched for peace among war
I searched for her among the dead
And even in my head her ringlets that once danced lay tired
Now as I am old I walk through the field
Certain of what life will yield
I feel more now, quietly and in my solitude
But even in my lonesome I am joined by her

G.R. Weslo

G.R. Weslo

Writing is the only way I can be the crazy out of my head
G.R. Weslo

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