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written by: Yashvi Porwal


Beyond the norms of the society
there is a place,
that is certainly not included in alternate universe theories,
We will meet there.
You bring along the hush of a night city
and I'll get the silent pauses between the lies we tell each other,
As we lie down;
The fragility and tenderness of the grass touches our forms,
Watching the stars in silence;
When the world cannot contain all the words we have to say,
When I am impotent of giving answers to your questions and
you attempt to shield your soreness with the broadest smile you are capable of wearing,
I shall not ask for more, I promise.
I shall be content with the silence we share;
The most powerful of its kind
that will be loud enough
But surely not deafening.

Yashvi Porwal

Yashvi Porwal

I'm a 17 year old Indian writer aspiring to work in the fields of poetry and short non-fiction.
Yashvi Porwal

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