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Slow Down, Be Inspired

written by: Gayl Wright



Go outside each day
Notice everything around.
Slow down, be inspired.

Train your eyes to see
Diverse flowers, trees, and clouds
Slow down, be inspired.

Train your ears to hear
Bird songs, insects, rustling leaves
Slow down, be inspired.

Train your hands to feel
Rough bark, soft fur, dripping rain
Slow down, be inspired.

Train your nose to sense
Fragrant roses, campfire smoke
Slow down, be inspired.

Train your mouth to taste
Berries, veggies, garden fresh
Slow down, be inspired.

Gayl Wright

Gayl Wright

Gayl Wright makes her home in upstate South Carolina. Married for 42 years, mother of 7, grandmother of 14, she is a seeker of truth who looks for beauty in ordinary things. She can often be found sitting on the hillside or relaxing on the porch swing. She loves to explore new areas of creativity as she writes for her blog, composes poems, dabbles in her art journal or captures images with photography.
Gayl Wright

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