Snow Day 6.2.19, poetry written by Denise D'Souza at

Snow Day 6.2.19

Snow Day 6.2.19

written by: Denise D’Souza


She, giggling, slipping, grabs tight her partner’s arm,
Who hugs her closer to him, keeping her from harm.
Gingerly, the elderly couple cross the street.
He, in a long grey raincoat, looks sober and neat.
Under his free arm, he holds a brolly folded flat.
Her hot-pink fleece, topped with a rainbow-stripy hat,
Clashes with her red cheeks. She shrieks with glee, and oohs,
As the treacherous path again slides beneath her shoes.

Just as if the pair from an old-time weather vane
(Where he must venture out alone, prepared for rain,
While she gets to enjoy the sun but without him)
For once grow weary of their duties. On a whim
They step off their allotted stations, Rain and Sun,
Link their arthritic wooden arms and, just for fun,
Decide today to leave their tiny house and go
Walking out, joyously, together in the snow.

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