Soda Bread Sorry, poem by Emalisa Rose at
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Soda Bread Sorry

Soda Bread Sorry

written by: Emalisa Rose


You were always the better friend.

It goes back to childhood.
You had the hearts and the flowers
For me, it was random –
perchance a stray wildflower,
picked on a sunny day June
to present to you. That’s if it fit
in my schedule.
But, I loved you, regardless.

And knew you loved me,
perhaps even more so.
And I knew out of everyone
it would always be you.

But I bow and confess
you were always the better friend
doing those sweet little things.

So I made you that soda bread,
a fan favorite of yours.
I messed up the kitchen. For days
it will stink up with oil, eggs and buttermilk
staining the sink and the stove.

But you Deb, are worthy, more than worthy
of its receipt in your mailbox today.

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