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Alireza Esmaeeli



written by: Iolanda Leotta



the desire of you never dies,
you’re man’s faithful companion,
he’s eager to have you
always by his side.
You delicious fruit to be seized.
You’re exciting and fragile creature,
autumn leaf and spring flower,
fertile valley, filled with life,
Trouble of love you are.
The lover drinks at your fountain,
never satisfied with your love
endangered by another suitor,
hidden around the corner
of your dwelling-place
and you, reserved by nature,
hide yourself
and the more you sleep away
the more the passion burns,
beloved lover, modest and bold,
of certainties eager to be flooded,
you elude the call of love,
on the edge between doubts and fears,
you tremble like light feather
and sit on heart,
pure pleasure that rises to the spasm,
and there’s no greater pain
than losing you,
while the emptiness of your lack
will turn a base metal into gold,
but it’s too late! alchemist,
an unwelcome gift loses its value
and lies in the darkness of the soul
waiting for loving hands that touch it
while the petals of a withered rose
open to the sweetness of a kiss
that she’ll never forget.

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