Solitary, a poem written by Mysha Gada at



written by: Mysha Gada


A solitary tear ran down her face
Trying hard to run away from what the eyes saw.
It passed the ears and left the mouth
With words swirling like a tornado, but unable to push themselves out.
The only word that managed to escape that grappling force
T’is the one that slipped through the lips – NO.

The tear rested on the chin
Its will unable to carry it forward.
Now, all that mattered was
the pit of emotions carried by it,
the iota of relief for not having to live a lie any longer,
the agonising rush of hope slipping away into an unreachable corner,
the intoxicating will to vengeance that was creeping over as a blanket of assurance
And the most maddening of all – that piece of her
That piece, taken away from her soul, lost to ashes, vanished forever!

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