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Spring Time

written by: Alisa Guttadauro



Budding flowers,
April showers,
That’s how Spring begins,
Shedding covers,
Hummingbirds hover,
Sunshine makes me grin,
Children’s laughter,
Chasing kites after,
A lazy, rainy day,
Ice cream Sundaes,
Have me in a daze,
That’s how Spring begins,
Romantic walks,
Excited talks,
Of long Summer nights,
Birds are nesting,
Butterflies resting,
Soon they’ll be in flight,
Natures perfumes,
When in full bloom,
Fragrant and sincere,
Dancing meadows,
Singing sparrows,
Now that Spring is here.

Alisa Guttadauro

Alisa Guttadauro

My name is Alisa Guttadauro. I am an Indie Author, and just published my first children's book. I have a passion for writing, which I developed in middle school. I also write poetry, and I'm a bookworm, spending many a day in the library.
Alisa Guttadauro

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