St. Andrews on The Red, poem by Gerry Stefanson at
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St. Andrews on The Red

St. Andrews on The Red

written & performed by: Gerry Stefanson


Created for the celebration of God,
trust that it delivered.
It did deliver awe and wonder to all,
Whomever seen her on a snowy Christmas Eve,
Found rejuvenation and renewal to believe.

It was perfect
surrounded by massive elms.
Then surrounded by a low three-foot wall.
The kirkyard, tucked between wall and church
Held expired parishioners,
stone and markers, of the held so dears.
This started in the 1850’s,
old for this real estate.
Rumours of 1st nations
presence in the area
from long, longer ago.

In all seasons she showed well,
to my art influenced brain.
Some how constructed
To tempt painters and poets.
With evidence of her
glory and simple clean beauty.
So future years
tempt the soul to step inside
To venture closer to god,
Open up with nothing to hide.

The kneelers were draped with buffalo robes
the congregation could don them
wrapped then in their folds.
To keep out the cold off,
possible twenty below.
So throw open the eyes to your mind,
the perfect Christmas card,
add festive carollers
For believer, for pagan and for heathen.
gathering together to celebrate
joy, love, peace, what ever their faith.
In what ever season.

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