Strawberry Picking at Pokljuška Soteska, poetry written by Ingrid at

Strawberry Picking at Pokljuška Soteska

Strawberry Picking at Pokljuška Soteska

written by: Ingrid Wilson


One day
After many a heartache
We will simply walk
Into the wooded confines of the gorge
Searching for strawberries
Gems of sweet delight
Hidden amongst the swaying grass and leaves

Lit by sunshine
Which falls after the early summer rain
Has washed the grass, the leaves,
The hillsides green
And cleanses us
Absolves us as
We pause to taste a momentary joy:

Sweet welcome,
Sugaring the pill of lifelong pain
The hedgerow-hidden wildfruit
Washed with rain
Soothes secretly
Our hidden cares;
Returns us to our once-lost selves again.

We walk on
Through the gap between the rocks, the sacred cave
Revered for centuries
By pilgrims, pagan
Christian and atheist, alike
Who pause here,
To reflect, and say a silent prayer:

You brought us
Here, to this resplendent masterpiece
And wonderwork of nature
Which asks nothing
Of its visitors
But only gives
Returning life to us, restorative.

I thank you
Gratitude is all in all
I feel; grateful
To hidden powers and
Explosions which combined
To thrust out rock and cosmic dust
And form the beauty of the world divine.

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