Stripped, a poem by Fotoula Reynolds at



written by: Fotoula Reynolds


He broke into her silence
Without permission
Tearing down her
Cupboard doors
That held inside
All that she was
Nightmarish thoughts
No longer a decorated
Life filled with flowers
And lipstick caddies
Her voice hid for months
The lights were turned off
She locked the doors and
Windows to her heart
And threw the key into
The bottom of the river
Where her happiness lies and
Her mind now lives in the
Back of someone else’s closet

The morning sun kissed her
Eyelids the day she met
Her fate with treachery
But the sun can’t stop a storm
And the tree can’t stop an axe
Blame weighs heavy on the chest
She carried the guilt far too long
So after years of torrential rain
She lets truth and sunlight in
She is a survivor of monsters
Who stole her soul and crushed it
It took all her brokenness and
All her lioness strength
To reclaim her spirit and to
Refill her cupboards with
Angelic hands and loving ingredients

Today, she wears her ruby lipstick
Opens her windows and invites
The air in and fills her vase with
The flowers of a pure and golden life
But there will be no space for him
There will be no welcome mat

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