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Summer Sky

Summer Sky

written by: Malkeet Kaur


The mackerel blue canopy
Vaulting over the silver cobwebs
Of my tiny, nondescript corner
Reminds me of the bygones and the birdsongs.

I trace with my eyes
Patterns and pathways
In the melting ochre dusk.

There I am,
A miniscule swarthy speck
Heaving in the azure heavenly trails.

There I took it, once,
That lonely walk by the river
Soaked in Lucifer’s fiery saliva
And a triangular flame.

There I see, faraway,
A face crisscrossed  with red patches
Tattooed by the sizzling summer sun.

And I move on with a surrendering gait
And a furtive smile on my tanned face
Beneath the merciless Indian summer sky-
Exposed and effervescent;

I discern a pure gold
That smelters in the hazy horizon
Emerging from a life spent
Beneath the burning summer blanket
Setting the senses ablaze and unslaked

Yet rising like a serene dawn
Resplendent with the lost birdsong

In the farthest corners
Of my still simmering summer sunshine

And the chaste memories of
My oceanic summer dreams.

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