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Sweet Trade

Sweet Trade

written by: Fallen Engel



White squalls, black clouds, cacophony of wicked lightning, Man-O-War set and equipped for fighting. Sea birds void and Jacob’s ladder drawn, set our hempen halters on the hanging post waiting for the scallywags scruff. Raise our black jack’s high and let the grog splash over. We band together, steering absolute bearing searching for the bounty of the enemies cargo. Dirks and cutlasses by our sides to get close and personal after scuttling their hull with our mighty cannons. Chopping over white caps we hear “sail ho” from the pendulating crow’s nest above. There she is ahead of us, the floating jewel is at hand. “Aye, aye” we squawk, time to ambush and fight for our self-proclaimed booty. Squinting through the spy-glass, we advance from far behind to the swag of gold and untold riches. Avast ye!, time to take what is ours and annihilate what is theirs, the black spot has been cast. Cannons explode with their smoke meandering in heavy air while high impacts cause the ruination of the facile jewel. She helplessly sways, moans and starts to sink. Board her swiftly and steal all on board for this is what have come here for, our destiny. Dance the hempen jig with the old salts scruff. Their only mistake was being on a wanted ship in the black tempest rough. Stab, cut, and slash through the throng till we clear a path through to the other side of our heralded salvation. Mutilated bodies, dirks, cutlasses and blood permeate the deck of once heavy wholesome wooden planks. Abandon the laid to waste ship, there is comradery between us buccaneers. All hands on deck and time to revel the acquired riches. We set sail for our next opponents beaches. We hope Leviathan lets us continue and not interrupt our journey. We swing the lamp, drink our stolen grog and curse the scallywags gurney. Afternoon watch is on as we drift from the asylum harbor with zephyr and ghost waters. Yo ho ho, as we look for the next ox-eye to sail into, such is the sweet trade of a pirate.

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