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Tryptich Trails

Tryptich Trails

written by: huntersjames



Long Trail

Muffled sounds of gunfire fear, the wails of death

Are not yet heard.

Still and tall silent sentry hearing all my thoughts,

To mark my way.

Distant skylines stand so cold yet proud seen only if,

I stop my climb.

This trail of mine, just mine a private peace for me,

My dogs and me.

Slow to start unmarked to see it seems until the serpent’s butterfly,

Makes a cairn for me.

Then sharply up I invest, my energy invigorates,

My will of choice.

Dragonflies, lizards, serpents, the butterflies in blue, and finches,

Splash and play.

I scatter scat of friends unseen respect,

All our days.

Pushed along encouragement the breeze,

Or the level spot.

But mostly it’s an uphill climb a struggle,

Every step a weight.

I often think I’m at the top but when I stop,

The next peak beckons taunts.

So just the same, on again I take the challenge.

My dogs were born to climb.

Spun of gold and silver my desert finds me wanting,

And I am.

When at last I find my top I still must search,

My place to pray.

It’s been reserved from the beginning now it’s mine,

To seek and find alone.

Two-headed gnarly stumps of time protect my way,

Make me go around.

Then the many lanterned lamps,

Give me precious light to see.

Still I lose my way, I will step astray,

My dogs so humbly hesitate.

Patiently they wait, we share a glance.

They cannot hide their puzzlement.

Or maybe it’s contempt? For to my senses I return to ours the trail,

Then on we go.

Tall and many spired castles light the sun in peaceful worship,

By my side in memory.

They fork into the sky to see and share their gift.

Elegant they stand.

Then quiet I have been along the trail my path,

As long as it would go.

Others begin and follow, pondering the distant wails

Wondering why they cry.


Birth and Rebirth

Awakening today amidst the gray the air is full of promise unrehearsed

I face into the North and feel her brace embittered rift

She knew I’d come, prepared with all her might I am not her first

I lean into her climbing up her slope she greets me chill and stiff

She summons those she calls her friends the thunder, squalls to slake her thirst

Marching to a rhythm now her challenge draws me on, my pride prepares a cliff

My eyes grow dry she steals my tears, reclaims them as her own

She was once my nourish I was bonded ‘fore my heart could feel

Now I face her power drawn from all the power in her throne

If only I could hear my heart, this too is drowned by bluster shrill

I might be free to disentangle, forgive, forget put down my heavy stone?

We turn, we share the gentle push of her sweet breeze, she frees me of my will.



I dreamt I saw an old man in the desert today

He was shrunken, gnarled and twisted all within

There he solemnly stood guard against those who seek the past

His post commanded homage, many have knelt before his gate

This man was frozen icy, even Mercury was cool

For he could unrelenting see the dark of future trials.



Over the years I have been overtaken by hikes where they become a part of my story; and it has always been this way?

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