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Telling An African Story

written by: Bernard Ebenezer Essaga


Telling an African story
Is to narrate the past times,
Of which peace and pride constituted amid many
As a motive of belonging smile.
Property of a black child through and after childhood,
Until occurred a schism.
Of whom genesis reflects not the prism,
Of anything else but slavery and terror,
Instilled through the pretense of a hunter.
An unspoken change
From a piercing noise,
Screaming out shouts and tears of blood,
Before powerless warriors with sharpened swords,
Amidst gunshots, miseries, and sufferings.
For our fearful men shivering more and more,
And so, in a blink of a thought
A fierce desire for freedom
Desire dimmed by the name 'Independence '
Yet, it finds no completeness in an African to her settlers.

Bernard Ebenezer Essaga

Bernard Ebenezer Essaga

Bernard Ebenezer Essaga is a graduate of bachelor degree in Philosophy and Religious Studies from Spiritan Missionary Seminary (Arusha, Tanzania) affiliated to Catholic University of East Africa. He is an upcoming poet from Cameroon, he speaks French, English and Swahili, he writes in the magazine "The Fountain".
Bernard Ebenezer Essaga

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