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written by: Simona Prilogan



It’s raining blue, my beloved!
Our windows laugh to the sky
whilst the moon mysteriously binds
its sapphires of longing and temptation.
It’s raining wonder in ether.

The roses smile in the vase,
red floods our thoughts
and gives meaning
to this blue night’s tenderness,
under this glorious sky.

It’s raining wishes, it’s raining green,
when time wants to write down
the magic formulas from myths
that pour acid and burn
all the sadness of sunsets.

It’s raining colour, my beloved,
it’s raining songs, it’s raining verse,
under this immense sky.

Simona Prilogan

Simona Prilogan

I am a Romanian healthcare professional and an amateur writer of prose and poetry. For about 4 years, English has become my secondary language, as I moved to the UK. Yet one of the biggest challenges is writing poetry in English.
Simona Prilogan

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