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Thank You!

Thank You!

written by: Navratra


‘Thank you’ are more than words,
it’s a full sentence,
which stands out of all,
costlier than finance.

‘Thank you’ are the words,
not very hard to say,
but believe me, people find it,
the best price to pay.

‘Thank you’ is defined,
as an expression of gratitude,
keeping all negative aside,
without showing attitude.

Words can change the meaning,
it is rightly said,
there’s always a difference,
in what to accept
and what is bad.

So here we go to add a ‘NO’,
in front of our big ‘thank you’,
we don’t need your favour,
though it’s really nice of you!

some people find it hard to say ‘thank you’,
I don’t know why?
maybe they are rude,
or maybe a bit shy.

But here I am,
out of that weird list,
thank you for everything,
even for reading this!



I'm Navratra, a poetess (writer) situated at Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. At present I am pursuing graduation in English honours from Kolkata. I started writing literary pieces from my school days and wrote many short stories, articles, poems etc. since then and I write in Hindi and English, both languages. My poems got published at various platforms like Ode to a Poetess and I'm on my way to exploring the world to reflect more.

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