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The Awareness

written by: Martin Liman


I was sleeping like a beast in his winter slumber until you came around.
You woke me up and I became aware of the world.
I was deep in my frozen state with my frozen hearth,
But now spring is taking over.
Sun shines brighter and world gains color!

I don't understand anymore why I would waste my life away,
Sleeping in my mind, hating everything around me,
I wasn't aware how large the world is outside of my cave,
First steps out were freaking me out, but now I can't stop walking!

Each and every step is different,
Each and every step makes me more aware,
Of what this world really is,
There is no more time to lose,
Must go as far as I can!

Now I can't ever return to my slumber,
Now I can see that I have wasted too much time,
But it's on you, 'cause you are the one who woke the beast up,
You better not regret it!

Martin Liman

Martin Liman

When I am writing I just keep it raw and as it is in my mind, I don't edit if something looks bad and I don't try to find other words. Every single post I make is just a raw feeling at that moment.
Martin Liman

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