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written by: Martin Liman


In silence standing there and hating myself,
Recalling whatever it was and what went wrong,
A pure hatred takes over with no real reason,
Yet it was nothing and I know it way too well...

Eyes wide open at this late hour thinking about,
Meaningless awkwardness,
Just a silly action,
A bit slow reaction,
Poor explanation and too high expectation,
Laughing about myself just by recalling the moment.

Eyes tearing up with no real reason,
Fearing of every stranger in my way,
Guard always up and ready yet it's very thin,
Beating myself every second by overthinking.

Thinking what could be done differently,
Finally eliminating the enemy in my mind,
Could have been a hero of the hour,
In the end just a silly bystander of life,
But that's ok, I am alright with it!

Martin Liman

Martin Liman

When I am writing I just keep it raw and as it is in my mind, I don't edit if something looks bad and I don't try to find other words. Every single post I make is just a raw feeling at that moment.
Martin Liman

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