The Dream Catcher written by Sona Wilae at

The Dream Catcher

The Dream Catcher

written by: Sona Wilae



He dreamed my thoughts, embracing my struggles
disassembling riotous nightmares
all too grotesque, within mangled daydreams.
Past breaths of daily hibernating pain
trapped within the walls of my battered soul
as freedom lies awaiting sweet revenge.

Gather our love my sweet knight of dire
romance, doting charms upon heartfelt clouds
cascading across our windows of time.
Nothing shall forsake the seasons of us
culminating our marriage and friendship,
undaunted by life’s peculiar events.

Dream catchers twirl as serendipity
fulfills her assignment, as tearless eyes
perceive miracle angels proclaiming
our unstable brood is still blessed beyond
measure, with unfathomable favor.
We live our dreams, embracing our struggles.



Love should never have an expiration date, nor should love demand unreasonable expectations. Love is tender, kind, long-suffering and merciful.

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