Lockdown Nation, poetry written by James Bell at Spillwords.com
Matt Seymour

Lockdown Nation

Lockdown Nation

written by: James Bell


No more early morning walk and commute from the railway station
We have, by order, become a confined and lockdown nation

Weeks and weeks of what we now know as interminable, residential leisure
These strange times are altogether meaningless without sweet freedom’s pleasures

No more visits to the local pub
Can’t even eat our favourite grub

Queues form outside the food shops, shelves inside stripped bare, shoppers in mounting despair
Assistance for the vulnerable and those in need, many step forward to do a good deed, as communities come together everywhere

Kids off school
Home working is the new rule

Furlough, and then redundancy they say
Maybe you can work again, one day

Social distancing and self isolation add to the gloom
Skype and Zoom usher friends and family into the room

We marvel at and praise our fine carers in the NHS
But there is anger towards a Government that put the service in this mess

When will normal life return for one and all of us
Our daily activities supplanted by this wicked virus

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