The Comet, a poem by Jessie Pope at
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The Comet

The Comet

a poem by: Jessie Pope


Last week we started out in glee,
The boys and Bertha, Aunt and me,
Across the village green to see
The comet;
Some people really must be blind,
Or only give it half their mind,
It isn’t difficult to find
Far from it.

Jack found one in ” The Lady’s Chair,”
And Bertha, with her nose in air,
Described a couple in ” The Bear ”
I backed her;
While Auntie, dazzled by the view,
Stepped in the ditch before she knew,
It took us twenty minutes to
Extract her.

With stars and comets on the brain
Two figures vanished up the lane,
A better view of course to gain,
But whether
It was that Auntie missed her sleep
Or found the lane a trifle steep,
She sulked, because we would not keep

We found the others looking black,
But though they made a joint attack,
Their thrusts we managed back to back-
To parry;
They voted finding comets slow,
I found the time too short, I know,
Too short, and much too sweet, and so
Did Harry.

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