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The Copy Center

The Copy Center

written by: Thomas Park



Late ’80’s, a ragtag crew

This goes one of 2 ways
We help you, or you help yourselves

.08 per page, white 8 1/2 by 11

Make miracles from originals
Not always miraculous originals
With liquid paper, tape, scissors, glue

Feeding toner, reams of paper
In precise rectangles

The computer guy, with his own alcove
Steered us towards the future, back then
We did not know

Mornings meant teachers, ministers
Those busy in local commerce or government

Evening brought in weary students,
Rumpled businessmen
With stacks of invoices

Nights quite slow, erratic
Sometimes a heavy metal band came by
Making hand-drawn flyers for shows
While projects, stacks of sheets
Collated– were fed though
Machines trembling, forever hungry
Yet always disgorging

My goal– to remain anonymous
Blue-shirted, clipped tones
Exuding virtual reflections
Of customers notions
In professional fashion

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