The Crack Of The Bat written by Anne G at

The Crack Of The Bat

The Crack Of The Bat

written by: Anne G



the crack of the bat
takes me back to the ways

of long lazy summers
and crisp autumn days

Lou Gehrig and Mantle
DiMaggio and Ruth

when words were your bond
and handshakes rang true

a time so much simpler
innocence weighed

simplicity ruled
neighborhoods stayed

neighbors were friends
loyalties sworn

pride for our homeland
anthem and team

rivals on diamonds
pinstriped or plain

stands packed with fans
disbelievers the few

high expectations
boasting enflamed

God Bless America
the red, white and blue

love for the game and
the crack of the bat


Inspired by a night at Yankee Stadium and a game to remember against our arch-rivals …

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