No More Illusions, a poem written by Kira Fulks at

No More Illusions

No More Illusions

written by: Kira Fulks



There are no more illusions
about the way things are
no looking back
or digging into scars
there are no more pretenses
gone are all the masks
here we stand stark naked
like empty hourglass.

Craving with hunger for something to hold
barren of things that once we were told
cemented the world to make it refined
back when we were so naïve and so blind.

There are no illusions
gone are the doubts
all now is buried
and wrap into shrouds
left with tomorrow
another long day
to find a meaning
a new path on the way.

A track in the road
to tread as we walk
searching for signs
we clumsily gawk
and hope with some faith
that around the next bend
we will yet still arrive
at the old promised land.

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