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The Danseur And The Spirits

The Danseur and the Spirits

written by: Rimli Bhattacharya



She tied those bells,
One foot twenty,
The other twenty.

“Will you dance?” the spirits asked.
“Yes I will for you” she replied.

They are deceased;
But she promised them –
She will dance for them.

Her red feet,
Her movements,
They flowed with a blinding grace.

Her crowd –
The spirits,
Her dance took away their breath.

Her soul blended with the melody,
Her emotions unshackled into her dance.

She wanted to breathe –

Each move she made there was a resolute,
Her pain so obvious,
The spirits echoed “Dance for us.”

“Yes I am dancing for you” she replied.
No one understood her –
Only the spirits could decipher her pain.

She died hundred light years back,
With bells tied in her feet,
One foot twenty,
The other twenty.

She was punished,
As she wanted to live,
Now she lives for the spirits.

The spirits saw it –

Her pain running down her cheeks,
Her tears, her stories of anguish.
The spirits fathomed her –

She danced in darkness,
For the spirits under moonless nights.

The spirits joined her,
They danced with their hair hung loose in the zephyr.

She joined the spirits,
For they were her only love,
She hid her bruises and scars,
They lie beneath her costumes.

She joined the spirits,
She had no regrets,
Not one.

Rimli Bhattacharya

Rimli Bhattacharya

Rimli Bhattacharya is a First class gold medalist in Mechanical Engineering from National Institute of Technology, an MBA in supply chain management. Her essay on mental illness in the anthology “Book of Light”, a nonfiction genre, was published with Speaking Tiger Publications, which created a furor in literature world. She writes for Several magazines, Times of India, Engineering Journals, Blogs and is also a trained Indian Classical Dancer, genre Kathak and Odissi.
She is based out of Mumbai, India.
Rimli has been awarded a Star Blogger by team Bonobology for her essay “Running a solo Marathon”.
Rimli Bhattacharya

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