The Daylight Boy and The Moonlight Girl, poetry by Luiz Syphre at

The Daylight Boy and The Moonlight Girl

The Daylight Boy and The Moonlight Girl

written & performed by: Luiz Syphre



and he was a daylight boy until
that one night he tasted the flowery scent
of her poetry with the falling dew

you see, this young man, on a nightly saunter
through the forest heard a romantic melody
blown on trumpets from above

angelic, a voice – that had burst airborne against
the glow of a full moon – poetry gliding in mid air
quickly, this leisurely wander elevated to a quest
in search of (love!) what this be – (the moonlight being)

while some fall in love at first sight
the young man exalted in love completely
this from the first time he tasted her roses
with a dash of fruit and herbal hints of lavender

then, with the high tide of her moon, time stopped
as they found each other beneath the coat of brown
leaves then disrobing a tall willow tree

and that moment, under the canopy of a full moon
crowned with a luminous halo
her baby blues and his big browns
locked in enchantment

still, this event felt unlike anything
before they had experienced
put mildly, ’twas a blissful encounter – so good, so right
that somehow this had to be a dire sin (and it was)

see, the account of their meeting
was prophesied countless ages in the foregone
today it breathes as folklore

and the lesson within this tale being
that in that universe, daylight boys
and moonlight girls cannot become as one in love

for day and moon are opposites in that realm
negative vs. positive, good vs. evil, black and white, etc.
yet, they threw all regards of their opposing polarities
to the flowing winds and with that

both quickly renounced eons old tradition
religion and law, only to be each other’s air
because of this, ‘the guardian’, who was the law
upon the land and the clergyman of their territory

cast an evil spell upon them
sinister chants billowed from black clouds above
and both fell unconscious, locked in each other’s arms
they came to, alone, in separate dimensions

and desperately seeking one another
but quickly, they realized this was the end they feared
the tale ends with a warning to those who’d
contemplate a love as theirs – it reads:

“even as both knew their love has been negated
by the status quo, the boy remains vigilant
for his love since the beginning of time

he awaits the moonlight
to hear the heavenly recitals
he will never again enjoy

penance for daring to taste a forbidden love
a sin punishable by an eternal and loveless walk
deep in the black forests of Corners Bay”

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