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The Elements of Life

written by: Kayleigh Merchant


A burning knowing of feeling like you can tell how something will turn out before it happens,
Dreams decode what the mind cannot,
A knowing of something before it occurs is a blessing, a mystery stimulating the senses,
A look at all consequences,
through a looking window of events like the projection of film plays, retuning and relays of your days,
A look at everything before you hop onto that train, the tracking of life,
The new beginning, the end of one trail,
A new cycle begins,
Maybe one with a master screen of all screen showings, a V. I. P pass to the front row.
Tunnel visions come into reality when we envision the views unravelling,
The moonlit sky encourages the mind's travelling.

KL Merchant

KL Merchant

Kayleigh is a British singer songwriter that has been making music for years. She writes in metaphor and writes about her real life experiences and the darkest times of the journey she has embarked upon. Her grab life by the horns attitude has won her a great knock out of notable wins as she battles on like the true soldier she is.
KL Merchant

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