The First Springy Presages, poetry by Paweł Markiewicz at
Bruce Kee

The First Springy Presages

The First Springy Presages

written by: Paweł Markiewicz


the lone bumblebee
more lonely – I dreamer
most lonely – moon

carped from violets
Will you bloom in next springtide?
– The question of bliss

the busy antlets
Live in the charming garden!
till autumnal sign

first hedgehog – spell
the second hedgehog –weird
small hedgehog – charm

the baffling cat’s eyes
the dear star dust is falling
in the meek calyx

the last vernal snow
having fallen at the morn
an epiphany

blissful rainy morn
began at the Morningstar
dreamy fantasy

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