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The Gentle Giant

The Gentle Giant

written by: Nishand Venugopal



Her name is Phoolkali,  that means ‘blooming flower’.  For years before reaching this center by Wildlife SOS, she had a life full of hardships. She used to beg in the streets and got partially blind due to the negligence of her previous owners. In Elephant Conservation and Care Centre, the people are trying to rescue her from the psychological and physical trauma that she had gone through all these years. It is difficult to forget that past but now she is slowly regaining her trust in Mankind. She knows that she is free from all the torture that she had endured all these years. Doctors, care-takers, and administrators of the Wildlife SOS are always there to look after her. She enjoys her walks in the open field without any chains, and loves the treats waiting for her when she’s back. Life has never been better and this is closer to what she would have had been in the wild.
Twenty-three elephants have been gifted freedom here and they are treated with respect and kindness. All of them had very disturbing life earlier and domesticated under harsh conditions. From blindness, cracked feet, chain wounds, daily they are getting treated here.
All I wish is for people to know what these gentle giants go through when they are treated as instruments of entertainment, travel etc. even in this space age. It’s time to leave them alone in their domain with enough space to move around as they too deserve to live respectfully on this Earth as we do…

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