The Irony of Love, poem by Apolonarius Agapiti at
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The Irony of Love

The Irony of Love

written by: Apolonarius Agapiti



How many times have you been
In love and said you have seen
His/her intense attraction to soothe
Your heart to believe in their charm
And say he/she is the one?

I’d tell you my story.
The beginning of my glory,
But don’t you worry,
There is no happy ending
Like the lovely fairy tales,
As Cinderella and her prince
Or the beauty and the beast
My destined girl doesn’t exist.
Exists in dreams of passionate lust.

No, don’t feel sorry, I sullenly
Laugh my cheeks out while cry
My tears low to ignore the romance.

The ultimate pleasure comes
In disappointment
When you know who you love
But don’t know who loves you.
The irony of affection
In ephemeral sensation
Is as harder as we fall.
Do you really love her/him?

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